What Is a Temperature Zoning System?

Zoning Thermostats

Temperature zoning systems are systems that not only provide heating and cooling for building interiors, but are also able to create customized temperature in the different zones of the building to enhance indoor comfort. In a home where there are several people, there will be at least one person who is not happy with how hot or how cold rooms are – a problem that can be solved easily with the help of a technological solution that replaces one central thermostat with a unit that permits for different temperature settings throughout the house.  You can have a Denver heating and cooling contractor come out and do the revamping.

Zoning systems allow for dividing the home into two or more temperature zones, thus eliminating the need to buy a separate furnace for each zone. This feature is beneficial not only if the people in the home have different temperature preferences, but also if the heat is not distributed evenly in the house. Multi-level homes, for example, are warmer on the higher levels than they are on the ground floor, which can cause not only thermal discomfort, but significant energy loss as well. Temperature zoning can efficiently solve the problem by allowing residents to set at least two temperature areas that can be harmonized to get more even temperature in all rooms.

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